Adam Clausen, Ph.D

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Adam Clausen, Ph.D

Technology Consultant

Before working at Kolisch Hartwell, Adam spent eight years as a physics professor. During that time, he taught classes at all levels of undergraduate physics, including advanced theoretical courses for physics majors, introductory physics for physics and life-sciences majors, and special topics for a general audience. Adam has taught at four colleges: University of Puget Sound, Lawrence University, University of Portland, and Lewis & Clark College.

Adam attended graduate school at the University of Oregon, where he studied general relativity, in particular model cosmological solutions to Einstein’s equations. By examining the behavior of these model universes, scientists gain insight into the behavior of our own universe, where it came from, and where it may be going.

My Education

  • Ph.D.

    Physics - 2007

    University of Oregon

    Field of Specialization: General Relativity

  • B.S.

    Physics and Mathematics - 2001

    University of Puget Sound

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