Case Studies

Case Study 1 QuantaLife 170x104

Patent Protection Develops Value for QuantaLife

A high-quality and well-conceived patent portfolio can quickly build the value of a company, positioning them competitively in the marketplace.

Case Study 3 Rottafella small

Salvaging U.S. Design Patent Rights for Rottefella AS of Norway

After studying the prosecution history of the design patent applications, Kolisch Hartwell formulated a successful strategy for protecting the Rottefella product design.

Case Study 2 FXDD small

Building an International Trademark Portfolio for FXDD

In less than three years we were able to expand FXDD’s trademark portfolio to include over 250 trademark registrations in more than 50 countries.

Case Study 4 Scalar cropped

Kolisch Hartwell Strategically Enforces Patent Rights in Handheld Microscopes

A well-conceived litigation strategy can result in a favorable outcome without incurring the exorbitant costs typically associated with U.S. patent litigation.

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